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Ultra IC00 GS6 Instrument Cable
Ultra IC00 GS6 Instrument Cable
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Our Ultra IC00 GS6 are Instrument Cables made with 18 gauge Canare GS-6 instrument cable and come standard with straight 1/4" connectors (straight to 90 pictured is optional). This low capicitance cable offers bass players, guitar players and Keyboards a fuller range signal with more high end presence and greater clearity.  There is still all the bottom end you want just with better clarity. 
** NOTE:  Our Ultra Series Instrument Cables are now available for Quick Ship, these cables will ship within 24 hours of your order being placed!!
(click picture for more information)
These are only available in 20ft Lengths with black cable, black shrink tube and straight plugs.  We may restrict quantities due to inventory, please write us for quantites over 5 cables to assure Quick Ship
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