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Power Y II Speaker Cable w/male leg
Power Y II Speaker Cable w/male leg
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Our Power Y II speaker cable w/male leg is designed to split the output of an amplifier into two speaker sources, one female for the combo speaker and one male to reach your extension speaker cab.  Great for combo amps with one speaker out.
For series orders this option may not work in some circumstances.  Speaker Cabinets with internal crossovers are not recommended.  All 3 points of a series Y cable must be plugged in at all times or damage to your equipment can occur.  We will not be responsible for damage to your equipment with this option.
This Speaker Y Cable will plug into back of amp using a high quality right angle G&H plug specially designed with a large back opening for heavy gauge speaker cable and splits the signal into one Large body female and one Large body Male plugs.  Made for speaker applications with 14 gauge high quality high strand copper speaker cable.  Standard Power Y II is 9 inch female leg and 3ft Male leg.  Optional lengths and plug ends available
Can be wired parallel or series.

NOTE:Standard parallel wiring will halve the impedance of two speaker cabinets ie. Two 8 ohms speakers will cause the amp to see 4 ohms.  Two 16 ohms, 8ohms amp . . . .
Optional Series wiring will effectively double the impedance of two speaker cabinets. Two 8 ohms speakers will cause the amp to see 16 ohms and so on . . . EMAIL with any questions [email protected]
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Item Reviews

  • 1
Great cable
Does exactly what it is supposed to do perfectly. Great cable that is well built should last a lifetime.
  • 1
Power Y II speaker cable
This cable works perfect to drive two, 1x12 - 16 ohm spkrs @ 8 ohms with a 5 watt tube amp. I have other PCNS cables as well and they are all the best IMHO... I would also like to say Todd is very helpful

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