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Warranty, Return and Cancellation Policy


If you are having a problem with your cable, no matter the cause, write us and we will see what the right course of action is.  We stand by our products and want to provide you a good customer experience for the life of your cable.  Our official policy is written below but contact us if there is an issue and we'll work something out, stuff happens . . . .

All our cable products are warranted against manufacturer defects or assembly workmanship for as long as you own the cables.  A well cared for cable should last a life time so please see our "cable care" page for proper cable handling and maintenance.  Obvious signs of abuse will not be covered nor will any customer attempts to modify or repair the cables, cable ends or shrink wrap.  In the event of a failure please contact us by email to get return authorization from us before you ship them back.

Warranty questions should be sent to [email protected]


Return Policy:  All our cables are built to order and should be considered custom to your specific needs.  Therefore, we will only exchange cables you have purchased from us for another cable less the difference in cost.  If the cable you want to exchange cost less there will be no refund offered (for instance, you buy a $25 cable and want to exchange it for a $18 dollar cable there will be no refund to the customer, if the cable you want to exchange cost $35 dollars the customer will need to make up the $10 difference plus shipping cost).  In most cases, return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer and the exchange must take place within 30 days of receipt of sale item.
Order Cancellations: Cancelled orders cost us time, credit card service fees and in some cases specially ordered material.  Please be sure you need the cables before you order them, email us if you have any questions.  Therefore; all cancelled orders will be subject to a 5% fee if the cables have not been built, if the cables have already been built the cancellation fee is 10%.  We must do this to keep our cost down so we can provide you with the best cables at the best prices.   

Return authorization should be sent to [email protected]