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Chelsea Nights Tremelo
Chelsea Nights Tremelo     Remove
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The Chelsea Nights is a simple to use, great sounding tremolo. Many tremolos have a perceived volume loss when engaged, but unlike other tremolos, the Chelsea Nights has a volume knob to offset that and give you the perfect level while on. As an added bonus, if you turn the Rate and Depth knobs to the minimum removing the tremolo effect, you can use the volume knob and turn your pedal into a gritty boost. Use it in conjunction with the tremolo to turn your sound into an overdriven tremolo. Rather than a standard LED indicator, the LED flashes at the rate of the tremolo effect.

Jumbo Power Y Cable 12 Gauge with Switchcraft Female 1/4     Remove
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Headphone Extension Cable 1/4" trs male to 1/4" trs female     Remove
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Premiere Power SC00 NLMDP 4S11
Premiere Power SC00 NLMDP 4S11     Remove
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Premiere Power SC00-NLMDP 4S11 made with one Neutrik NL4 Speakon connector, one Ultra Gold Banana and Canare 4S11 11 gauge Speaker Cable
Please select Cable length, banana color & Shrink tube color
(click on picture for more information)
Jumbo Power Y III Speaker Cable w/2 male legs 12/2     Remove
  • Currently 0/5 Stars.
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Our 12 Gauge Jumbo Power Y III Speaker cable w/2 male legs is designed to split the output of an amplifier into two speaker sources.  Now available in 12 gauge with a straight Jumbo 1/4" Male plug at the amp end feeding 2 Jumbo 1/4" male plugs.   This will deliver more power to your speakers or extension speaker cabs.  Great for head amps with one speaker out.
For series orders this option may not work in some circumstances.  Speaker Cabinets with internal crossovers are not recommended.  All 3 points of a series Y cable must be plugged in at all times or damage to your equipment can occur.  We will not be responsible for damage to your equipment with this option.

Also, available with Neutrik Speakon NL4 plugs!!
Click for more information

Power SC00-1414 12/2
Power SC00-1414 12/2     Remove
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
  •   5/5 stars
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Power SC00-1414 Large Body 1/4 to 1/4 12 gauge Speaker Cable 12/2.  Please select shrink tube color and length when ordering (black is pictured).
**NEW OPTION: add female crimp on speaker clips that plug directly into your speakers by selecting Cab Speaker end options


Black Lung Over Drive
Black Lung Over Drive     Remove
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The Black Lung is a distortion that works well with rock, blues, or country, depending on the placement of your Gain knob. It has a beautiful thick, rich, and creamy sound to it, but is still ballsy enough to cut through the mix. With the Black Lung you can get that killer solo or perfect lead tone with out having to stack it with other pedals. The Black Lung is very amp-like with its responsive feel and great natural sustain.

Miss Turpentine Delay
Miss Turpentine Delay     Remove
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The Miss Turpentine delay offers up to 550ms of delay. It creates a very warm, lush analog delay sound. Use it to create a haunting empty room reverb sound, a classic slap back echo, endless half second repeats, or anything in between.

Because of the power consumption, The Miss Turpentine can only be run off of the 9v power jack and does not have a battery option due to the limited space in the enclosure.

Invisible Robot Distortion
Invisible Robot Distortion     Remove
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The Invisible Robot pedal is a smooth, yet thick distortion that's loaded with sustain and rich harmonic overtones. This pedal can produce great distortion and fuzz tones. It will give you that big fat chord tone that you've been looking for and at the same time, still gives you those amazing lead and solo tones you desire. It captures the distortion tone that defined the sound of the 70's and once again resurfaced in the grunge era of the 90's.

Indigenous Donkey Clean Boost
Indigenous Donkey Clean Boost     Remove
  • Currently 0/5 Stars.
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The Indigenous Donkey is a great clean boost pedal. This pedal is loud, gritty, and guttsy, yet it won't alter or color your guitar's tone. The 'Bass Cut' knob allows you to adjust the amount of bass entering the circuit in order to give you the cleanest amount of boost possible making it ideal for studio use. This pedal works best with a tube amp and increases the level of your guitar signal, improving the clarity and response. With the impedance so high, it forces your magnetic pickups to work harder, improving their clarity and response. Both highs and lows will seem more pronounced. Even when turned low, it may seem subtle, but as soon as you turn it off you will miss the extra sparkle and clarity. As the signal goes into the front end of your amp it causes the pre-amp to drive into a natural tube saturation sound with more sustain.

Displaying 51 - 60 of 117 
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