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This page will describe to you how we measure our patch cables. 
     We recognize there are other companies that measure their cables different than we do.   We wanted to give you the simplest method possible to describe to us what length cable you would like.
     Using the pictures below you can take piece of string (or pipe cleaner or yarn or whatever) and measure the points between your pedals and then order accordingly.  Do not be affraid to order the next size up, the cost is very small and you can always put a loop in your cable if is too long.
     A short cable is not always your best option.  You may want to order a longer and make a loop instead of trying to turn an impossible radius.  It is better for your cable and for your pedals.
     We do not offer our GS6 patch cables shorter than 6" (by our scale) because sharp bends are not good for the cable, the connectors or for your input/output jacks on your pedals.  Tight radii put the cable in tension and this tension can cause failures.  If you need a GS6 cable in a length shorter than 6" please write to us.  [email protected]
   Our new GS4 patch cables are now available and can ordered in lengths as short as 3 inches.  This new product for us is extrememly flexible, very transparent and still tough as nails.
please see below for pictures and descriptions
Here are some pictures of our new GS4 Cables
The standard 1/4 to 1/4 straght patch cable.  This comes in various lengths but for our discussion we will work with a 6" cable.  The length of the cable is from surface of the plug that touches the jack.  Basically from flat to flat as shown above.  Most other companies measure tip to tip which is very hard to estimate
Next up is a straight to 90 (aka Right Angle) patch cable.  The straight plug
is measured from the flat, as shown above, however, the 90 plug is measured
from the centerline of the male plug that inserts into the jack.
90 to 90 is measured from the center of male jack that inserts into the jack.  This is also the "standard" configuration for the 90 to 90.  Offes is shown below.
90 to 90 "offset" is meaured the same as the standard 90 to 90 but is built with the 90's opposite each other