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Happy Cab-Dual Exhaust for your AMP
Happy Cab-Dual Exhaust for your AMP
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Our Happy Cab - Dual Exhaust for your amp is a handy spin off of our very popular Y cables.  Made with a rugged cast aluminum box, this speaker splitter will take the output from your amp and split it to two speaker jacks.  An added bonus is this box provides you series and parallel wiring all in one enclosure!!  Series on one side, parallel on the other, are clearly labeled so you don't mix 'em up!
This is a cast aluminum box finished in durable black powder coat with an attractive, informative graphic on top.  On one side there is 1 input and 2 output jacks wired in parallel, and the other side has 1 input and 2 output jacks wired in series.
NOTE: All 3 points of a series Y cable must be plugged in at all times or damage to your equipment can occur.  We will not be responsible for damage to your equipment due to incorrect use.

NOTE:Standard parallel wiring will halve the impedance of two speaker cabinets ie. Two 8 ohms speakers will cause the amp to see 4 ohms.  Two 16 ohms, 8ohms amp . . . .
Optional Series wiring will effectively double the impedance of two speaker cabinets. Two 8 ohms speakers will cause the amp to see 16 ohms and so on . . . EMAIL with any questions [email protected]

More information about the Happy Cab

The Happy Cab allows you to use standard speaker cables to connect your single output amp to 2 different speakers.  Below are examples using a Dr Z Carmen Ghia 1x10 combo hooked up to a Dr Z 1x10 extension cabinet.  This single output amp can now be safely hooked up to the combo speaker and the extension cabinet.  Both speakers are 16ohm so parallel is 8ohms at the amp.

Using the drop down box below you can order our touring grade 12 gauge speaker cables along with your Happy cab at a special bundled price.  There are two options, one for combo amps and one for heads

The Happy Cab is compact enough that you can place right inside the back of your amp.

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