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LP Series Pedal Board Cable
LP Series Pedal Board Cable
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Our LP Series Pedal Cables are full-range pedal board cables made in the U.S.A.  Hand built in our custom shop with an all new G&H Low Profile right angle plug.  We use the very flexible Canre GS-4 instrument has is very low capacitence to get more of your signal to your amp.


Some high end cables are harsh or brassy sounding. Not this one! The top end is clear and punchy with superb presence. This is achieved without compromising a great bottom end.

This is a great sounding cable for bass players and guitar players.

One price for any length up to 18 inches!!

4 inch Standard is pictured
Please visit our Patch cable page for instructions on measuring your patch cables BEFORE ordering your cables.



Below are pictures of the LP Pedal Board cable compared some other cables that are available.  Please the measuring tape in the pictures.  There is nearly an inch difference in space needed to fit the big store cable vs our little LP cable leaving you more room on your pedal board . . . . for more pedals!

Plus, our plugs are not made out of molded end plugs that are difficult/impossible to repair or replace.

Standard big store cable  


Our Ultra Series cable

LP Series cable

I hope you noticed how the pedal were able to be placed closer together with the Ultra series and the even closer with the LP Series.  If you can save almost and inch pedals on your board with the LP series you will be able to fit more pedals in the same space.

Below is side by side comparisons to our LP Series and some other brands

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Select Plug ends 
Select Plug Orientation 
Select Shrink Tube Color 

Item Reviews

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LP cables
I did a listening session with PCNS Patriot PBX, off-the-rack cables from Guitar Center and this new LP cable.My impressions: PCNS cables let more of the detail through.There's better string detail, everything sounds clearer. It's not simply a case of more high end or emphasized brightness, although the high end is better defined.As to the comparison of the PBX and the Ultra: the Ultra is maybe a little more high resolution and perhaps a bit flatter in frequency response. The PBX, in contrast, sounds a little warmer = rounder in the mids, which make the highs jump out a bit more. Love the skinny, flexible cable and the new plugs.

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