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Premiere MC00 SQ
Premiere MC00 SQ
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  •   5/5 stars
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Premiere MC00's are our finest microphone cables.  They are made with premium Canare 4E6S Star Quad mic cable and are available in 5 different colors (Black is pictured). The xlr ends are made by Neutrik and offer clean sound and reliable connections. 
Natural Sounding cables suited for all applications but excels in your home or professional recording studio
Optional BAG end xlr's are available and are black shell with silver contacts
New Option, add a switching NC3FX-S is now available from the drop down. This will give you an on/off switch built right into the mic cable end at the mic.
Please select desired length, cable & shrink tube color

Select Cable Color 
Select Cable Length 
Select Personalized Name 
Select Shrink Tube Color 
Select Xlr Plugs 

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Excellent quality. I'm a repeat customer for sure.

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