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Premiere ICTA4 GS4 Wireless Instrument Cable
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Premiere ICTA4 GS4 are Instrument Cables made for Wireless systems requiring a TA4 connector like Shure or Line 6 wireless units use to go between your guitar/bass and the transmitter unit.  Made with super flexible Canare GS-4 instrument cable and come standard with Right angle G&H Copper Core 1/4" connectors (straight plugs are optional) at the guitar end and TA4 plugs at the transmitter.
This a great sounding replacement cable for your Shure Wireless transmitter that will provide you a fuller range signal crystal clear high end presence and all the bottom end you want. 
Canare GS4 is world renowned for its flexibility and durability while proving you silent operation.
Please include the make and model of your Wireless system in the comments during check out.
Only available in Black cable.
PLEASE NOTE:  The TA4 plug is a fragile plug by manufacture design and will NOT be covered by our warranty.  The cable and the G&H plug will be though.
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