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IC00 Y Cable
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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
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IC00 Y Cable is a high quality Y cable made for instrument cable applications. IC00-Y is made with our full range Patriot SX instrument cable and durable Nickle body G&H Straight plugs with one our custom made 1/4" female plugs.
Applications include bridging the high and low input of an amp, splitting your signal between to amp heads or effect pedal boards and so on . . . .
Please note that tying two amps (or other electronic devises) together with a Y cable can create grounding issues, please be sure to make sure your are tied to a common ground to avoid possible issues or unwanted ground loops.
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IC00 Y Cable
I ask Todd to make this Y cord to bridge the two channels of my Marshall type replica amp. (Germino SE Lead55 LV) Best cable of it's kind available!! Great work as always! Thanks!!

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