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Greenville Pickups

  Our hand wound pickups are assembled in the USA. Each of our guitar pickup types are designed to build upon time tested tones with attention to clarity and sonic detail.  


  Our guitar pickups are drop in replacements for your favorite guitars and you will immediately notice an improvement in your tone. You will hear clearer top end, tighter bottom and a harmonic complexity that you can only get with hand scatter winding techniques. 

  As a father and son enterprise we offer you a multiple generation influence into our pickup designs. Using this approach, we have designed a tonal pallet around the most popular magnet types used by major OEMs. 

  We can help you dial in what your instrument needs while maintaining the relative amount gain you are used too, or we can help you take your instrument in a completely different tonal direction.


Greenville Humbuckers
Greenville Humbuckers

Greenville Pickups - P90
Greenville Pickups - P90

Greenville tele Single Coils
Greenville tele Single Coils

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