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Power SC00-1414 12/2
Power SC00-1414 12/2
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  •   5/5 stars
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Our Power SC00-1414's are touring grade 1/4" to 1/4" male 12 gauge speaker cables made with G&H Large Body 1/4" ts plug. Please select shrink tube color and length when ordering (black is pictured).
**NEW OPTION: add female crimp on speaker clips that plug directly into your speakers by selecting Cab Speaker end options


Select 1/4? End 
Select Amp End 
Select Cab/Speaker End 
Select Cable Length 
Select Personalized Name 
Select Shrink Tube Color 
Select Wiring Options 

Item Reviews

  • 1
the best
Ordered six of these in various lengths with red shrink tubes to readily identify them as speaker cables. Build quality is as good as it gets.

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