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Maxxx XP Instrument Cable
Maxxx XP Instrument Cable
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  •   5/5 stars
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Maxxx XP Full-range instrument cable made with 100% U.S.A. parts and labor!  Hand built in our custom shop with G&H 1/4" Black and Gold plugs.  This is a great sounding cable for bass players and guitar players.
Maxxx XP is made with a coax intrument cable built just for us.  The Maxxx XP holds nothing back as it slightly louder than our Patriot SX cable but has a slightly mellower top end to.  Articulation is excellent and each note rings loud and clear. 
Made with a durable matte finish polyvinyl jacket that is very thick in your hands and does not tangle on stage.  Outside diameter of this cable is 0.265" with a capacitance of 33 pF/ft, right in the sweet spot for the greatest tone out of your instrument. 
Handling noise is zero allowing your to move freely without fear of pops and crackles.
Easily our best sounding instrument cable!

in a recent issue of Guitar Digest editor Mark wrote: "This is one of the loudest cables I have tried.  That means the cable is letting a whole lot of signal zoom down the wire.  In an unscientific listening I hear it as a little louder than the Patriot SX.  The cable has a slight midrange bump that enhances the normal midrange focused sound of an electric guitar.  The bass is stout with plenty of authority.  If you are a low string thunker, like me, you won’t be disappointed.  I can’t say that the highs are any lower in frequency range than the SX, but they do have a rounder more mellow sound to my ears.  If you have a guitar that is a little bright in the high end, this should rein that in if you find other full range cables too bright.  Like the SX, the Patriot XP Cable has a fast transient response.  The notes fly from the guitar and out of the speaker."  Winter 2014 issue of Guitar Digest
Mike from the Dr Z amp forum wrote the following: "OK. several gigs and rehearsals now. I really like the new cable; have used it from guitar to pedal board or just straight to amp. No change in my sonic impressions: a bit louder and a tad less high end than the Patriot SX. It feels more durable, not that the Patriot feels fragile. I was less concerned about abusing (stepping on it mostly) the new one."


Note: Instruments that use active pickups or preamps may get a popping sound with the Quiet so we don't recomend thier use with those instruments
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Item Reviews

  • 1
Outstanding Cable!
I got this cable as a gift for myself during these tough Covid times. I had been playing my bass with so so, off-the-rack cables for some time, and always felt I was missing something--lack of gain, poor low-end frequency range, noise. I was amazed by this cable--lots of punch, great low-end, clean! It took a while for it to arrive, but be patient--the workmanship that goes into the cable is well worth the wait! If you care about the way you sound, especially when we all get back to the fun and work of making music publicly, I heartily recommend this cable.
  • 1
pro grade
I bought eight of these for a multi-amp switcher set-up. Great cables. I've ordered PCNS cables before and didn't hesitate to order this large batch as well. Happy customer.
  • 1
Maxx XP inst. cable
A noticeable difference in the tone of my Strat. Full and clear. As always the workmanship is first rate.
  • 1
Maxx XP Instrument Cable
My new Favorite Cable! I got this cable in time to fly out to my shows for Lee Brice, and replace My 10 yr old (at least)PCNS GS-6. WOW, fat, loud and chunky like I like, but clear, open yet warm top end. Gibson's are fat, and fender's sweet but not overly bright. Thanks Todd for therecommendation! GL
  • 1
Maxx XP instrument cable
Great sturdy cable. I didn't want to believe these cables could sound better than another premium cable I had, but I kept going back and forth. Dang, I could hear a very pleasing difference.thanks Todd
  • 1
Maxx XP Instrument Cable
5 Thumbs up Todd!!Great cables...Great sound...Great customer service!The Best!!
  • 1
Patriot XP Instrument Cable
I recently acquired two of these cables and have to say they are great cables. Nice and thick, roll up very easily and sound fantastic. Would highly recommend these cables and great people to deal with.
  • 1
SX instrument cable
This is an excellent cable for guitar.Very robust construction, with fine quality parts and assembly.The sonic range of this cable is fantastic.Full bass, very pleasing high end.Exceptional customer service is the standard with these fine folks too.

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