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Audio Snake

Our True Sound multi pair snake cables are made with Gepco snake cable. Each run is individually foil rapped for better shielding and channel isolation (less channel cross talk and noise) and have a very tough jacket that is not only weather and oil resistant but still very soft for coiling. We also color code and number both ends of our snakes to help trace things down when you’re hooking up your gear. Tough cables that sound great! 

Do you want braided shielding for greater sound isolation on your snake?  Ask about Gepco Xband snake cable.

We can do anything from 2 channel (pair) all the way up to . . . ???   If we can get it, we'll build it for you!


Changes in our supplier chain have greatly limited our snake cable availability, please ask us for a quote and we'll do our best for you!
Note:  These snake cables are a significant upgrade from the bargain/economy snakes you see in some catalogs.  These are REAL touring grade snake cables that you won't be throwing out in a couple of years!


Email us for a quote for other pairs and lengths at [email protected]

12ft 8 channel xlrM to xlrF fan to fan snake
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