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Here is a showcase of some of our players who use Procables N Sound Cables
These may not all be household names (some of them are) but these are the men and women who deliver great music week in and week out, most of the time for little or no money, so that we always have a wealth of great music no matter what the event.  They do it for love of music and the humbling applause at the end of a long night of playing.  These folks rock!
Don't be shy, if you own cables by Procables N Sound send us your picture and we'll post it.  Please include a couple of lines of what you would like others to read about you, band or company websites are welcome!
Curt from Houston, TX

Eric Brendan Band

 Curt's personal page, with original songs

   Wally from Allen Park, MI
James Hart from the New Jersey Shore

Personal page and solo work

P. Gamble
Tony Stovall
Winchester, Tn.
Blues Geezer Deluxe....
Jas Caffrey
RC of the Steve Helms Band
Drew "Slide Meister" Schneider
#1 Guitarist, Oeser-Schneider Cross Continental Band
Wala Wala, Washington
Stephane, a real Canadian Mounty!
Paul Valenti - Guitar/Vocals - RiverGard
I know this isn't a player but you gotta respect someone who is willing show of their favorite tubes like this, way to go Carl!!